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The Storelynk Platform

Storelynk is a cloud-based smart store platform that analyzes data from in-store sensors, equipment, cameras and mobile devices, enabling stores to:

  • Proactively maintain equipment

  • Save energy & cost

  • Improve efficiency & consistency

  • Improve food safety

  • Enhance food quality

  • Simplify compliance

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temperature monitoring

Easily monitor & analyze equipment temperatures for safety, energy, waste & department of health compliance.


HACCP Logging

A simple, automated approach to gathering food temperatures & managing corrective actions using a bluetooth probe and a mobile app for consistency and efficiency across stores.


equipment management

Drive proactive maintenance, energy savings, and food quality through IoT connected kitchen equipment and proactive alerts.


activity management

Create structured activities and workflows that enforce clear operating procedures for repeatable tasks performed by employees: across stores and across shifts.