StoreLynk Customers


Convenience Stores

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Nothing affects your sales, image, and the value of your restaurant more than a food safety incident or poor food quality.  Being proactive in temperature monitoring and HACCP logging is essential to maintaining quality and reducing risk.  Equipment management allows you to monitor and take action on equipment, providing visibility into remediation actions, potential maintenance issues, and energy savings. Tie it all together with activity management, enabling consistent operations and standardized quality assurance procedures.

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Working with brands & store operators to ensure shelves are fully stocked and displays are correct can be a challenge.  With activity management, images of merchandise and displays are gathered, assessed and provided as insights to you and your brands.  Step-by-step workflows enforce consistency and address quality assurance issues. For convenience stores with fresh food options, temperature monitoring and HACCP logging provides the necessary monitoring, alerts and compliance reports.


Grocery stores

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Using sensors that have been deployed in over 1 million grocery endpointstemperature monitors gather critical temperature data that enables groceries to reduce food waste, maintain smart energy usage and mitigate the risk of food contamination.  Using in-store camera technology, stores can monitor displays and shelves for low stock and recurrent maintenance issues.  Activity management integrates this data with structured task management workflows to enforce quality assurance and standardization across stores.


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With the simplicity and benefits provided with StoreLynk, retail operations can now add automation and intelligence to compete with large e-commerce sites.  Activity management and video monitoring  helps you to not only understand the impact of well stocked brands and shelves, but it also helps you understand your customer needs and trends.  For multi-location stores, standardizing & optimizing your customer experience is important, benefiting greatly from automated monitoring and standardized quality assurance workflows.